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The Center exists to assist in connecting elders to the resources they need. The purposes of this Center are  to educate consumers about the types of services to assist in successful, positive aging;  refer consumers to providers committed to excellence;  and to assist these providers in connecting with consumers in local congregations and communities. These purposes shall support the ideals of maintaining dignity, independence and usefulness of aging persons; promoting the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of aging persons; and to educate and assist people in preparing for a expanded and healthy long life.

The Center for Positive Aging serves as the consumer arm of LeadingAge Georgia (formerly Aging Services of Georgia). Over 170 provider members of LeadingAge Georgia function as resource centers throughout the state to assist consumers and aging communities find the products and services they need.


The Center envisions each of the 170 LeadingAge Georgia member providers as local “Centers for Positive Aging” in the communities they serve. Each center will offer the community its expertise on aging issues, host educational programs and other opportunities for consumers. With the support of information on the website, LeadingAge Georgia members can strengthen their position as the key to resources for aging issues and concerns for those in need.

Providers pledge to meet the criteria developed to be listed on the website. The criteria includes: having a good reputation in the community, being appropriately licensed, having stable ownership, agreeing to refer to other quality providers if they cannot meet the need of the consumer, as well as other factors that insure consumer trust.

The Center will support providers on the website by providing them tools and materials to connect with congregations and other organizations in their local communities. We want to be able to refer consumers directly to these providers in their area of the state in which they are seeking housing and/or in-home services, etc.